Contract Number N61340-12-D-7105
Contract Period 9/6/12-9/4/20‚Äč


Administered by the Naval Air Systems Command, the Training Data Products Contract (TDPC) provides the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) with a streamlined, quick-reaction vehicle for the acquisition and lifecycle support of training data products through the application of the Instructional System Design (ISD) process.

The TDPC scope supports all phases of the ISD process, including analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation and sustainment, as well as delivery of resultant TDPs. These TDPs may accommodate self-paced training, group-paced training, dual-purpose training, blended training, learner assessments, and performance support systems.

How to Use

The TDPC multiple-award contract is intended to support training system Instructional System Design requirements of the Naval Air Systems Command’s Aviation Training Systems Program Office, as well as the four Directorates – the Program Directorate for Aviation, Program Directorate for Surface, Program Directorate for Undersea, and Program Directorate for Cross-Warfare/International – at the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division.

The aggregate not-to-exceed amount for these multiple-award contracts, inclusive of options, is $780 million, and companies have the opportunity to compete for delivery orders under their respective LOTs. Task orders must be issued via NAWCTSD in Orlando, Florida.  

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