Department of Defense (DOD) Counter Narcotics And Global Threats (CN&GT) Operations & Logistics Support
Contract Number FA4890-16-D-0002
Contract Period 28 January 2016 to 27 January 2023 (Seven years)


Support the Department of Defense (DoD), Combatant Commands (COCOM / CCMD), other Federal agencies, State and local authorities, and partner nation agencies, to disrupt, deter, and defeat the threat to national security posed by illicit trafficking in all its manifestations (e.g., drugs, small arms and explosives, precursor chemicals, people, and illicitly-gained and laundered money). Since terrorist and militant organizations can easily tap into the transnational illicit marketplace to underwrite their activities and acquire arms and other supplies to conduct insurgent operations, predominately by illicit drug proceeds, the acquisition solution must be able to respond to a wide range of acquisition requirements throughout the world that extend beyond traditional DoD acquisition and contracting scopes/vehicles.  As a result, the acquisition community works primarily with Counternarcotics (CN) Divisions of CCMDs/GCCs to acquire and ensure delivery of services and supplies to meet CN objectives. 

Scope of Work

Personnel, services, equipment, construction to support start-up of new, restart of former, or conduct / sustainment of existing project, program, process, initiative or directive

  • Procure (purchase or lease) services, equipment, material that directly or indirectly support operational mission & objectives
  • Resources to design, build and/or operate, maintain & sustain
  • Actions to keep items in serviceable condition, return those items to service, or update or upgrade a capability
  • Movement of units, personnel, equipment, materials, supplies, to include acquisition of modes of transportation
  • Provision of training on equipment acquired under a T/O
  • Design, construction of new and/or renovation, remodel, upgrade and/or repair of existing facilities to support operations and/or logistics endeavors



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